Latex-free, Vitamins for Growth- Lash Adhesive.

Let’s talk about lash adhesive! Finding the right one can be hard! That is why it took us over a year of testing, manufacturing, and patience. Wearing lashes every day is great! But you have to have the right glue! Otherwise, your eyelids will be puffy, swollen, and just not happy! 

Lash Me Up Girl Adhesive was produced with sensitive-eyes in mind! This lash adhesive is gentle and strong altogether. Formulated for long-lasting wear. Looking for an adhesive that will keep your falsies on all day? Well, you are reading the right post! Lash Me Up Girl Adhesive comes with its distinctive brush for easy and precise application. Yes, this adhesive is LATEX-FREE and WATERPROOF. Adhesive will brush on white and dry clear. 

Why do you ask?

Because a lot of our clients like to wear falsies with no eyeliner, so we wanted to make sure you could have the option. With clear adhesive, you can do both. Add your eyeliner first than glue on your falsie and BAM! We know people who wear contacts have sensitive-eyes and let’s be honest our eyes can become watery and are just sensitive in general!  

I can’t tell you enough about the feeling when you know your lash is coming off. Such an uncomfortable feeling. Do you know?! When the corner of your falsie is just hanging off your eyes and no one tells you. Or a time when you had to carry around that adhesive in your purse all night, just in case. Yeah, no more of that!

Now let’s talk about growth, vitamins, and all that important stuff that you rarely hear about. It is IMPORTANT to have strong natural lashes. Growing your lashes can be hard for some, especially if you have ever picked off your lash extensions? I mean right! 

Lash Me Up Girl has added vitamins to our formula to help with this issue. No, this isn’t a lash growth serum adhesive. But yes, when you apply this formula on your falsies and then on your lid, it does give you that extra help! Kinda like taking that immunity shot at the juice bar! Why did we do this? Because we all know what it’s like to take off our falsies at the end of the day and sometimes find that one lash hair that came off with it! Let’s be honest! So why not have that extra vitamin that stimulates and helps with growth! 

After using this adhesive for over a few months the best thing I encountered was not just a healthier lash line and strong hold, but rarely did I see leftover glue on my eye the next day. You all know what I mean! Remember that morning you woke up and you know you washed your face but still have chunks of glue stuck to your eyelids, with a little black eyeliner! Oh yessss! That is annoying! Being that this glue is so sensitive and latex-free it’s hardly a possibility to have that type of morning again. 

Lash Me Up Girl Adhesive will be available soon. 

If you have any questions about our product please send us an email or just direct message us on Instagram or Facebook! We know that quality is so important and quality is what we want to bring our clients every time! 

We are so excited for you to have and use this amazing lash adhesive! 

 XXX-Courtney Lash Me Up Girl Team






Our glue was developed in the US. Made in Korea.

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