5 Reasons To Wear False Lashes-Lash Me Up Girl By Courtney




 1. False Lashes are good for your Eyes.


Mascara can make your real lashes delicate and brittle. Coating them with lots of mascara is not recommended but we all have done this so that we can achieve that "falsie look". False lashes are an alternative, they reduce the impact on your natural lashes. Giving your natural lashes space to grow and become thicker and healthier.



MYTH: False lashes can ruin your natural lashes.

The fact is with proper application, falsies will not only keep your natural lashes healthy but give you that impactful look you are trying to create and will surely achieve. Your eyes are the focal point on your face, so putting in effort and time will surely be worth it.


Let's not forget that our eyes are the windows to our souls. If that is the case you'd surely want people to see beauty when they look into your eyes. Drawing more attention to your best features and giving you more structure in your face.


We have also created our clear growth adhesive for sensitive eyes. Allowing your natural lashes to grow while still holding your bands in place all day. We highly recommend this glue for anyone who has sensitive eyes. Our adhesive contains vitamins that help stimulate natural lash growth.   


           2. Less is ALWAYS more!



Falsies are a wonderful way to enhance your eyes without pilling on a ton of makeup. If you become accustomed to this mentality, adding lashes into your routine will not only give you that finished look but will also make you feel GORGEOUS throughout your day. You don't need a reason to feel beautiful for yourself.


Do you have no where to go during the day? Let's say,"You are a stay at home mom". Putting on a pair of lashes will take you less time than a full face of makeup and still achieve an eye catching, fulfilled look.


Don't get me wrong the occasional dramatic eye- full face makeup is always a treat. But getting into the habit of applying a pair of lashes can add length and volume, giving your eyes the perfect definition in less time. So forget about the piles of makeup. Let your eyes be the stars for the day.


3. Defy the signs of aging, stress and sleepless nights. 

 Let us start with aging. As we grow older, we lose some of our ability to retain moisture and vitamins. You may have noticed it in your skin, but it's also true for your lashes. Your lashes are prone to breakage and become dry and brittle. Falsies help protect your natural lash and give you a youthful look.

Lash Me Up Girl Adhesive is packed with vitamins that will stimulate growth. Keeping your natural lashes healthy and growing all day under your falsies. 

Stress & the lack of sleep are two things that automatically make you look tired. According to an article about "How Stress Affects Your Eyes", it states, "When we stress and are anxious, high levels of adrenaline in the body can cause pressure on the eyes". Leaving your eyes droopy, red, and watery. Applying a set of lashes will not only widen your eyes but conceal your tiredness.  With your falsies, you can experience that extra confidence and reveal a younger, more vibrant you.


4. Wear Your Lashes all day long and for any season in your life.


You don't need to go to any special place to wear lashes. Wearing lashes makes you feel beautiful so why not do it for you? Our lashes are designed on a flexible light cotton band. Our fibers that make the lash are one-hundred percent cruelty free. They are extremely comfortable to wear all day long and all night. You can wear your lashes to the gym because our adhesive is waterproof, you can wear your lashes in hot or cold weather. The possibilities are endless.

They‘re perfect to wear during emotional times like for weddings, sad movies or when you have PMS. Feeling Sensitive? Our lashes will carry you throughout your day. Falsies are a wonderful way to enhance your eyes and make you feel your very best.


5. Falsies are the best kept beauty shortcut and hack.  


Why is mascara the one product you can not leave the house without? Naturally our attention is drawn to other people's eyes. When we speak to others or take photos. Your eyes are a huge feature on your face. With a good pair of falsies you wont need to invest time doing a full makeup look. Lashes add the perfect amount of glamour to any look all on their own.   So take a shortcut that actually will get you ahead of that look you are trying to achieve. No need to waste time.


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